Staff Safety, Panic Alerting and Indoor Positioning

This solution is designed for working environments where staff or visitors need to be located immediately when exposed to threats, or whilst operating in lone-worker situations.

This solution also provides the end user with the ability to raise immediate, locatable panic alarms, optimising response times during any emergency.

Raising Alarms

From a discrete button on the back of an ID or Access Control card holder, to a panic alarm button on a SmartPhone via the ZONITH smartphone app, the solution will recognise any alarms. The position of the person in distress is also known since the solution calculates their real-time position, giving security staff or colleagues a truly effective tool for reacting quickly in distress situations.

Wireless Bluetooth Positioning

The Real Time Location System (RTLS) integrates Bluetooth technology to monitor staff indoors and GPS technology to locate staff outdoors. The Real Time Location System monitors the position of the Bluetooth ID Badge and SmartPhones for uninterrupted positioning.

Displaying Alarms

The solution offers a variety of different options for presenting the alarms and positioning information. From wall mounted display screens, Windows desktop pop-up displays, to control room monitors that show the floorplans of the facility and location of the staff in a graphical overview.

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