Smartphone App

The Smartphone App is capable of positioning the user both inside and outside buildings, transmitting panic alarms, receiving alarms, handling alarms and even providing Lone-Worker protection for those working alone.

Positioning of the Smartphone is performed by using the Real-Time Location System (RTLS) software package. For the safety of the users the Smartphone App ensures positioning of users indoors via Bluetooth and even outdoors via GPS. Should a distress situation occur colleagues or security personnel will immediately know where to rush to.

Panic alarms can be raised by pushing the red button on the touch screen. Once the Alarm has been sent, a message is displayed on the screen. Colleagues or security personnel will immediately be notified on the monitors or their Smartphone devices.

The Smartphone App can receive panic alarms from all other smartphones, the Bluetooth ID badge or even from PC desktop generated alarms. Users can decide to accept, decline, or cancel the alarm at the push of a button on the screen.


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