Wireless Panic Alerting via Bluetooth ID Badge

The Bluetooth ID Badge functions as a regular ID badge, whereby standard ID cards and Access Control cards can be inserted. However, the built-in wireless Bluetooth unit and panic button on the back of the badge, allows for discrete positioning and panic alerting that takes staff safety to the next level.

The panic button is discretely and strategically located on the back of the badge. One press triggers an alarm through the Bluetooth Receiver network. This solution is perfect for anyone working alone in volatile environments, but also in situations where visitors need to be tracked and located immediately.
When an alarm is raised in a panic situation, detailed location information will be sent automatically to colleagues, security guards or other designated personnel to ensure rapid assistance is provided.

By combining these 3 technologies in the ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge, staff are safeguarded wherever they may be located.

Positioning the Badge

Fast response times are critical with any emergency. The key is for first responders to be informed immediately, as to where the incident has occurred. The Bluetooth ID Badge is therefore automatically positioned via Bluetooth - After all, it is much easier to support a person in distress if you know where the person is located!


Battery Monitoring

The Bluetooth ID Badge needs charging like any other electronic Bluetooth device. The badge is charged using a standard micro USB charger. When the battery is running low the LED on the badge will indicate that charging is required. A low battery message can also be sent to an Android device, display monitor, or even as an email.

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