Displaying Panic Alarms

Displaying the alarms that occur is of vital importance for any emergency response. We provide four different ways of displaying alarms, ranging from simple emails to clear alerts on control room screens & PC monitors.

Windows Pop-Up Display

The Windows Desktop Alarm Pop-Up allows immediate mass-notification of alarms on any Windows PC. The alarm notification will pop-up on the PC screen automatically, overriding any other document or task being worked on at the time the alarm is raised. With the Windows Alarm Pop-Up people in offices or behind desks will be notified about alarm situations and how they should react.
The purpose of this module is to notify employees of an alarm immediately and efficiently. It can be used in the case of one security guard working in a control room receiving panic alarms, or hundreds of PC’s on a University campus receiving evacuation procedures. Typical industries suited to this product are education, healthcare and psychiatry, correctional facilities, municipalities, etc.

Alarm Display

The Interactive Alarm Display shows alarm statuses on PC monitors. The monitor can be located on the wall of the office or in a security room and provides easy, visual representation and management of alarms.

Not only is the alarm type and status shown, but staff can interact with the touch screens allowing alarms to be accepted, closed and cancelled, if this is desired. The Alarm Display software requires very limited training and is easy to operate.

Floorplans with Alarms

Via a standard browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer, it is possible to show the exact location of any Bluetooth ID Badge or Android SmartPhone. Should a panic alarm be raised, the location of the distress situation is shown with red shading.

Alarms on Androids

Alarms can also be shown on Android SmartPhones via the App. It is possible to inspect and manage the alarms that arise with just a few clicks on the app!

Should you prefer to receive an email with the alarm information, this can easily be enabled as part of the full solution.

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